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"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean."

                                                                                       - Arthur C. Clarke




Welcome to OceanLife.com.

From the balmy, turquoise waters of the tropics, to the wild, cobalt seas of the north, the ocean is a lady who has dresses of countless colors. 

Ocean LifeNo one can predict what she'll wear on any given day, and although her appearance is in constant flux, hers is a timeless beauty that persists through both turmoil and tranquility.

She beckons with sea-breeze songs, salty fragrances, and promises of romance and adventure. Her strength is unmatched, as is her tenderness.

Her unpredictable moods make her all the more attractive. From moment to moment, she is stoic, joyful, angry, and delicate.

Those who neglect her do so at their own peril, but those who respect her are rewarded with riches untold.

She is the source of all life. She is the bearer of death.

Mysteries and wonders lie beneath her surface. Those who have witnessed the treasures of her saline heart remain forever changed, and forever craving more.

She is Mother. She is Life.


Florida Scalloping


Ocean Life was born out of a love for the sea, and for the lifestyle she inspires. We are an online store selling marine apparel, nautical gifts, coastal decor, and much more, and we are also a website and blog geared towards conveying the beauty of the Ocean Life.

Every order directly supports our initiatives at the Ocean Life Foundation, the mission of which is to encourage, educate, and inspire people to love the ocean respectfully.

Ocean Life was founded by Sean Bloomfield, a lifelong devotee of everything salty, an admiration which was instilled by his father and grandfather from a very young age. After his father's untimely death, Sean was inspired to create OceanLife.com as part of his effort to pass the same gift down to his three children, in turn spreading it to others around the world through the global reach of the Internet. And so, Anna, James, and John Bloomfield became the co-founders of Ocean Life, along with their Labrador retriever, Rio, as the mascot.

Aside from being an entrepeneur, Sean is a writer and filmmaker. He became a USCG-licensed captain when he was 18 years old and worked as a fishing guide in Florida and Alaska. Through his global travels, he's discovered that the Ocean Life is as prevalent in the farthest corners of the world as it is in his home state of Florida. Sean's first novel, The Sound of Many Waters, is, in part, a testament to his love for the sea.


Ocean Life


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Ocean Life


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Coral Reef


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